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Football Masters

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Press X to shoot and Z to super-shoot!

Football Masters is a multiplayer soccer browser fun-addicting game that you can play for FREE with your friend on the same PC. You can dive into a quick match or you can begin a tournament. You will fight against the best athletes for a one-on-one series competitor in the two-player soccer game. You will have the option to choose if you want to play a quick match or if you want to enter into a challenging tournament against the world’s best athletes. You can jump, shoot, teleport, super-shoot, and slide in the match to score as many goals as you can until the match is over.

The Gameplay of Football Masters:
Football Masters is a fun, and addictive game and it is the most popular game in the world that brings pleasure to its users. Here you will have one big-headed player against another. Your only goal will be to smash the ball into the opponent’s goal and try your best to prevent the opponents to smash the ball into your goal. To move the ball from left to right, you have to kick the ball. For the movement of the player, press X to shoot and press Z to super-shoot while once in a while, you can unleash a super-shot to turn the complete tide of the game.
Player One Controls
✪ ‘W’ used to Jump
✪ ‘A’ used to Go Backward
✪ ‘D’ used to Go Forward
✪ ‘S’ used to Slide
✪ ‘B’ used to Shoot
✪ ‘V’ used for Super-Shot
Player Two Controls
✪ ‘L’ used to Shoot
✪ ‘K’ used for Super-Shot
✪ ‘UP’ used to Jump
✪ ‘DOWN’ used to Slide
✪ ‘RIGHT’ used to Go Backward
✪ ‘LEFT’ used to Go Forward

Features of Football Masters:
✪ Experience fun, charming, and addictive gameplay
✪ Play Football Masters in real-time physics
✪ Smash the ball into the opponent’s goal to score higher
✪ High Quality, Realistic Graphics
✪ Kick the ball, and move the ball in the opposite direction
✪ Challenge your friends and family members to beat your score
✪ The Function of Player: Jump, Shoot, Teleport, Slide, and Super shoot

Football Masters is an online game that you can play against your friend too or you can start a solo match too. You have to select a team and join the tournament. Climb your way to the top, unleash your superpower and become the master of Football by matching with your friend especially one-on-one on a local computer. This game is also playable on mobile devices but you will be only able to play the single-player mode on the mobile version.

This game has received 6863 votes, 6024 positive ones and 839 negative ones and has an average score of 4.7.
It is a game played in landscape and it's playable on Desktop.
This game has been published on 2020-07-10 10:08:27 and updated on 2020-07-13 09:38:10.

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